Shazam Bolts

Protect yourself from fraud with the Shazam Bolt$ mobile app.



Shazam Bolt$ It’s FREE!

Receive alerts when your debit card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity!Shazam Bolts App Icon

You can quickly and safely:

  • Detect unauthorized activity on your debit card
  • See your account balance
  • Create and Manage Alerts
  • Find nearby ATMs
  • Submit travel notices

Here is how to get started:

  • Download Shazam BOLT$ for free from the Apple App Store or                           
    Google Play Store
  • Select Register
  • Enter the card number and expiration date
  • Review and accept Terms & Conditions
  • Continue with the Card Verification process and complete the User Profile information
  • Tap the activation link in your email to activate your
    account before you login for the first time

Manage Alerts:

  • Select a card from the Card & Balances screen
  • Tap Set Alerts, under Card Actions
  • Set Alerts for:
    • Internet and Phone Transactions
    • Transactions over a certain amount
    • Transactions outside the U.S.
    • Set alerts to send via email and/or text message

* Data and message fees may apply. Check with your wireless carrier for details.

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